Üritus: Thirsty Thursday at Club Hollywood 22.02

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Üritus: Thirsty Thursday at Club Hollywood 22.02

Feeling kinda thirsty on a Thursday night, right? And a cup of green tea is not exactly what you’re drinking of? I’m sorry, I meant it’s not what you’re thinking of…

So as tonight seems to be more like a Long Island night we are waiting for you to join us at Hollywood to make this Thursday a little more special than every other in your life.

Music by DJ Jaan Jaago

Õpilastele ja üliõpilastele terve öö tasuta!
Täispilet 5€ / Klubikaardi omanik 3€

FB GOING TASUTA kuni 01:30
FB list sulgub kell 22:00

Students all night FREE!
Ticket 5€ / Club card owner 3€

FB list closes at 10PM

Ela kui Hollywoodi staar - broneeri laud ning saad unustamatu Smirnoff VIP elamuse! Paketi hind on 150€ ning see sisaldab kuni 10 VIP piletit ja 1 liitrit kanget alkoholi koos pikendajatega. Ettemaksuta broneeringut hoitakse kuni 01:00

Broneeri laud +372 59 124 200 (E-R 10:00-18:00) või vip@clubhollywood.ee
Lisainfo: http://clubhollywood.ee/vip/vip-teenused/

Party like in Hollywood- book a vip package for 150€. Package includes up to 10 vip tickets and 1 litre of strong alcohol with chasers. Bookings will be held until 1 o'clock.

Book a table +372 59 124 200 (E-R 10:00-18:00) or vip@clubhollywood.ee
more info at http://clubhollywood.ee/vip/vip-teenused/

Your VIP hostess!
Vana-Posti 8, Tallinn, Estonia
Doors open: 23.00
Table reservations to Smirnoff VIP: vip@clubhollywood.ee